Zangrando is a family business created in 1960 and an important Italian manufacturer of bouillon cubes for soups and seasoning. Their Brodo Oro range is well known for its beef extract, chicken meat or yeast and vegetable extracts, in cubes, paste, granulated broth and powder seasonings, both in retail and catering packages. Their artisan production as well as the constant control over the production, allow them to get the maximum quality for a contained price. Specialized in products from organic farming for more than 30 years, the brand is truly making the choice of the quality and brings to everyone the typical taste of Italy.


Zangrando Classic Stock (in cubes)
Zangrando Classic Stock (in cubes) 110 G
Zangrando Vegetable Stock (in cubes)
Zangrando Vegetable Stock (in cubes) 110 G