Since 1870, the Meletti family has been producing Italy’s most beloved liqueurs in the fertile lands of Ascoli Piceno on the Adriatic coastal region of Marche. Under the direction of Silvio Meletti, the finest, natural ingredients are cultivated, selected, and blended to create limitedproduction artisanal cordials, aperitivos, digestivos, and liqueurs of distinctive character. Most ingredients, including the anise and other natural herbs and botanicals, are sourced from local Marche growers who work exclusively with Meletti. Other ingredients are sourced from high quality producers specializing in their product. From citrus fruit cultivated by Italy’s top growers in Sorrento to Dutch cocoa imported from The Netherlands, no expense is spared in the pursuit of the finest ingredients. Family-owned and operated for more than 140 years, Matteo Meletti represents the 5th generation of the family to carry forth the business.


Meletti Amaro
Meletti Amaro 700 ML
Meletti Amaro Magnum
Meletti Amaro Magnum 3 L
Meletti Anisetta
Meletti Anisetta 700 ML
Meletti Anisetta Dry
Meletti Anisetta Dry 700 ML
Meletti Anisetta Magnum
Meletti Anisetta Magnum 3 L
Meletti Limoncello
Meletti Limoncello 700 ML
Meletti Sambuca
Meletti Sambuca 700 ML