JOSÉ PÁEZ LOBATO is a family company specialized in the elaboration of fine Sherry Vinegar since the 1960‘s. in Jerez region (Spain). In addition to being a family story, JOSE PAEZ LOBATO is also a question of climate and soil. Being one of the most southerly winegrowing regions in Europe, the climate may seem hostile. However, the Atlantic Ocean as well as the soil, have an important role to play in maintaining the levels of humidity and moderating temperatures. The result of this is the exceptional Sherry Vinegar; that this family elaborates following the traditional“Criaderas & Solera”system.


Capirete Sherry Vinegar Aged 4 years
Capirete Sherry Vinegar Aged 4 years 750 ML
Capirete Sweet "PX" Sherry Vinegar
Capirete Sweet "PX" Sherry Vinegar 375 ML