Borella was established in 1935 under the name of Pastificio Bassanese. Pastificio Bassanese always used excellent ingredients, within a very short time the Company reached successful sales figures and notoriety, becoming a prestigious and trendy firm in the worldwide pasta market. The Company was managed by the founders family for many years but, in 2004 Borella was taken over by three new Venetian managers: Gianfranco Boscolo, Raffaele and Michela Dammicco. From this moment on, always respecting the old manufacturing traditions but adding innovation, experience and knowledge, the focus became the expansion of the production structures, the enlargement to national and international Hypermarkets (GDO) and trendy gastronomy but always keeping a very special attention to the final consumer.


Borella Bigoli de Bassan lunghi
Borella Bigoli de Bassan lunghi 500 G